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National Technical Examinations (NTE) The standard for registration in Canada is an undergraduate degree in Engineering, accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board of Engineers Canada.  If you graduated from a non-accredited engineering program, you may be required to write technical examinations that demonstrate your knowledge and academic qualifications. The exams are assigned based on the Engineers Canada Examination Syllabus.  The actual exams you write will depend on your situation.  After your application has been assessed, you will be notified in writing if you are required to complete technical exams. Technical exams may be written in May and December of each year.  You may choose the examination session at which you prefer to write.  You will be given a deadline date for completing the exams.  If you do not attempt to write any exams within one year of the date of the letter you received, your application will be withdrawn. Click here for sample exams, provided by APEGBC. Writing Exams:
  • National Technical Exams are written across Canada twice per year in May and December for one week.  You may write in either May or December.
  • To write the exams in May, submit your application by February 21st.  To write the exams in December, submit your application by August 21st.
  • You may submit your application either by mail or email to the address listed above.  Payment must be submitted with your application.  Payment options are listed on the application form.
  • You will receive instructions and any additional information after the timetable has been set, approximately six weeks prior to the writing of the exam.  The instructions will tell you the exam date, whether the exam is open or closed book and what you may bring with you to the exam.  You must write your exams on the dates scheduled.
  • You will write the exam at the Engineers PEI office, 135 Water Street, Charlottetown.
  • You must finish all your exams by the completion date assigned to you.
The Examination Syllabus is developed by the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board of Engineers Canada and the National Technical Examination Program is administered through Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) Fees:  The cost to write each examination is $225.00 Notice of Marks:
  • Exams are returned to the National Exam Office for marking.  Your marks will be sent to you by email 60 – 90 days after you write the exam.
  • Engineers PEI does NOT provide marks over the phone.
Reference Materials:  The Examination Syllabus and suggested text lists are available at: Note:  Engineers PEI does NOT offer reference materials, textbooks or arrange for tutors. I​f you wish to pay for your exam with a credit card, click on the link below.  If you are writing the exam in PEI, choose the first option ($230.00).  If you wish to write off-Island, choose the second payment amount ($300.00).  These amounts include administrative fees. To register for the exam, fill out one of the application forms below and email to  Please note:  You are NOT registered for the examination UNTIL the application form AND registration form are submitted to the Engineers PEI office.  
National Technical Exam
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