2023 Bridge Building Contest

The 28th Annual Engineers Bridge Building and Artwork Contest


The 28th Annual Bridge Building Contest took place on May 3rd at UPEI Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering.  There were 52 bridges submitted.  The competition was recorded, thanks to Pater Audio, and has been posted to our YouTube channel here:  Engineers PEI - YouTube.  We hope to be back in person in March 2024!

The winners are as follows:

Grade 4 - 6 Division

1st Place:  Molly Forbes

2nd Place:  Scarlett Shaffner

3rd Place:  Hendrik deBoer


Grade 7 - 9 Division

1st Place:  Adlih deBoer

2nd Place:  Brody Noye and Bentley Gallant

3rd Place:  Julia Rodd


Grade 10 - 12 Division

1st Place:  Connor MacEwen

2nd Place:  Willem deBoer

3rd Place:  Blessing Connor


School Participation Prize

Spring Park Elementary


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