2024 Bridge Building Contest

The 29th Annual Engineers Bridge Building Contest


The 29th Annual Bridge Building Contest took place on Friday, March 15th at Royalty Crossing Mall.  There were 38 bridges submitted.  The full results are in the PDF below.


Congratulations to the following winners:

School Participation Prize:  West Kent Elementary

High School Division

1st place - Anh

2nd place - Wilhelm

3rd place - Kheizhara

Junior High Division

1st place - Tara

2nd place - Hudson

3rd place - Novalea

Elementary School Division

1st place - Callie and Rylie

2nd place - Archer and Samson

3rd place - Judith and Izabella


To watch the bridge testing event, click on the link here:  29th Annual Bridge Building Contest (youtube.com)

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